When we where kids, all boys like to know who is the strongest in school. Arm wrestle was the easiest way to find out that. It was not important if or technique was right and nobody really worry about how to arm wrestle properly. We had our own rules, and in the end, only what matter who pined the opponents hand to the table.

Maybe you are one of those who loves arm wrestling in the pub. Or maybe you are thinking to start competitive arm wrestling. Than this is the right place for you where you can learn what is arm wrestling, how to arm wrestle and many more.

What is arm wrestling

Arm wrestling is a sport with two opponents trying to pin the opponents arm. Today arm wrestling is getting every year more popular. There are thousands of competitions in the world for men, and women. But arm wrestling is not that simple as many people think. The best arm wrestlers in the world, train and prepare them self thru year for the competitions.

What are the basic rules of arm wrestling

The rules of arm wrestling are actually quite simple. The goal is to pin the others arm, with the winner's arm over the loser's arm. The starting in arm wrestling is elbows in the center of the table, actually on platform of the professional arm wrestling table.

The most important rule is, you must always keep the contact your elbow on that platform, which means that you can move your elbow forward and backward and to the side of the platform. In the pub they would probably disagree that. So don t move your elbow when you are arm wrestling in the pub or you could get some trouble! Just kidding!!

Second rule is both thumb knuckles of opponents visible. For now that is all that you must know about arm wrestling rules.

How to arm wrestle

It is obvious that strength is one of the most important factors in arm wrestling. The are many arm wrestling techniques, but in every one, the main muscles that you use is your forearm muscles. So it is obvious that you must have strong forearms and training your forearms will be weary important for you.

Also your upper arm muscles, biceps and triceps are weary important in arm wrestling. Many techniques in arm wrestling use those muscles, such as the hook, one of the most famous techniques.

And now the last but not the list your back muscles. While arm wrestling, strong back will allow you to put back pressure and to pull your opponents hand closer to you, which means that he will probably lose.

My advice would be to train all your muscles, to grow strong in each muscle. Best arm wrestlers in the world are big and strong so basic workouts in the gym will help you to gain strength and size fast. Combine them with specific workouts for arm wrestling to become the most complete arm wrestler.

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